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Donnerstag, 5. September 2013

Ask Dr. Haass (Council on Foreign Relations) – the world public has a right to know !

Unser Politikblog | 5. September 2013

The 31.08. uses to be the official world-wide „anti-war day“. At the 31.08.2013, His Excellency, the President of the USA, has made the decision to delay a possible imminent attack on Syria until approval by the US Congress,

In view of a threatening global war on the occasion of Syria, billions of people are asking themselves, for what reasons His Excellency, Mr. Barack Obama, the President of the USA, since about the 26.08.2013 has become so hasty about Syria, thus risking a global war and putting billions of lifes at stake.

The world public has a right to get answers to the following questions, before any global war on the occasion of Syria is initiated, and after such an initiation these questions would become even significantly more urging.

We have tried to get an interview from the President Council on Foreign Relations, Dr. Richard Nathan Haass. With Mrs. Susan Rice (security advisor) and His Excellency, Mr. Chuck Hagel (Minister of Defence), the CFR holds two of the key persons advising His Excellency, the US President, the CFR is one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, counselling organization to the US government regarding matters of foreign and security policy.
In addition to that, the CFR has excellent connections to prominent newspapers and TV stations, e. g., NBC, CBS, and ABC.

This significantly enhances, particularly in comparison to ordinary people and even in comparison to most politicians world-wide, the ability of the CFR to get its opinion and its issues heared, and to be well-informed.

And via his President Dr. Haass, the CFR is well-connected to the Brookings Institution, which has published a highly interesting paper on possible strategies to achieve a fall of His Excellency, Mr. Bashar al-Assad, the President of Syria.

Unfortunately, the CFR seems to be too busy at the moment to be interviewed by us.

So we put, as we have promised at the 31.08.2013 in our special internet radio show „Macht und Menschenrechte“ on Syria, the questions, which we are convinced, need to be answered, before a world war is initiated on the occasion of Syria, into the internet in order to have them discussed.

1. How do see your assessment of the 26.08.2013, that a limited strike against Syria, which would not draw the USA into the Syrian civil war, is possible, in the light of the warnings from Russia and China of the 27.08.2013, which rather suggest, that it would cause a global war?

2. How could an attack on Syria „inflict enough pain and cost upon the Syrians“ to „discourage them from resorting to chemial weapons again“ and, at the same time, deter „any would-be user of chemical, biological, or nuclear materials“ ?

3.Would you also recommend military strikes, possibly together with the allies from Great Britain, Qatar, and Ukraine, if the suspicion in many media from the 28.01.2013, that the military contractor BritAm has been hired to transport CW to Syria, turned out to be well-grounded?
How should the US government react regarding the claim of presumed Qatarian clients of BritAm, that such a transport of CW has had the acceptance of the USA?

4. In its article „Al-Qaida-Verbündete verfügen offenbar über chemische Waffen“ of the 09.12.2012, the FAZ newspaper has reported on warnings of the Syrian government and at least parts of the Syrian rebels against the Al-Nousrah rebels, who have captured a chlorin gas production facility. Doesn't it seem more probable, that the Al-Nousrah rebels might be responsible for the presumed CW attacks at Syria – particularly regarding their reported connection to the criminal Al-Qaeda mercenary network?

5. The Saudian intelligence chief, His Excellency, Prince Bandar is reported to have admitted Saudian
control over Chechenyan mercenaries, who are deployed at Syria.
In view of all the human, economical, and diplomatical costs the USA have had to react on the presumed WMD use by Al-Qaeda at the 11.09.2001, shouldn't it be priority number one, to find out, if or if not the Chechenyan fighters controlled by Saudi-Arabia are a metaphore for a direct command of the Saudian government over Al-Qaeda?

6. Mrs. Susan Rice (security counsellor of His Excellency Mr. Barack Obama, the President of the USA) and His Excellency, Mr. Chuck Hagel, the Minister of Defence of the USA, belong to the CFR. How much importance do assessments of the CFR regarding security policy have on the US government in comparison to those of other think tanks, or of CIA or Pentagon?

7. In 2012, Mr. Matthew Kroenig and Mr. Nyall Ferguson have recommended to attack Iran. Mr. Kroenig has made this recommendation even in the magazine „Foreign Affairs“. In how far have these gentlemen expressed the opinion of the CFR, of the CFR magazine „Foreign Affairs“ or of specific personal or corporate members of the CFR?

8. At the 01.10.2012, the CFR and His Excellency, Mr. Ali Akbar Salehi, the Foreign Minister of Iran, have had the courage and the wisdom to transparently and directly talk to each other, and we still do not have any world war on Iran.
Why not bring to the table of the CFR His Excellency, Mr. Bashar Assad, the President of Syria, together with representatives of the governments of China, Great Britain, Russia, and the USA, with the Saudian intelligence chief, His Excellency, Prince Bandar, with respresenatives of the peaceful opposition, of the Al-Nousrah rebels, and of BritAm representatives to enable a direct and transparent discussion?

9. According to news of the 30.08.2013, a speaker of the natonal security council of the USA has said, that crucial interests are at stake at Syria, and that countries need to be called to account for the violation of international norms, such as for attacks with toxic gas.
Please tell us, which crucial private or public interests of whom exactly are stake.

10. In how far has the information from Mintpressnews of the 29.08.2013, that the chemical catastrophe at the Damascene suburb Ghouta seems to have been an unwanted tragical accident caused by a lack of communication between the Al-Nousrah rebels and Syrian rebel groups, already been checked and verified by CFR, by the Pentagon, the CIA, and the UN?

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